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About Us

My love of quilting began in 2005. My husband, Jeff, and I had recently moved to Oklahoma so we had only met a few people. Jeff works in sales; one day he came across a new business called Quilting by Vonnie. As he met with her for the first time, he realized that he not only had met a new business contact but had also found a potential friend for me. And in further conversation…. he proceeded to sign both of us up for an applique/quilting class! (He had never even sat in front of a sewing machine!) We greatly enjoyed the class.

A beautiful and creative hobby that Jeff and I could share! We were hooked! And Jeff was right about Vonnie and I becoming friends too! Still besties today!

My husband has been calling me Honey (my real name is Leanne) since we first met in 1998. Now, I am sure that most husbands have a term of endearment that they call their wives, but I wonder how many actually use it as a name?
Jeff will go into a client’s business and say something like … Oh, Honey and I went to the movies this weekend. Just as if “Honey” were my name! Before you know it, I am getting party invitations in the mail addressed as Honey Massengale!

We are a couple who share a love for quilting. We love what we do and we want to be able to share it with others. So it seemed obvious that the next step was to open an online quilting store and what better name than “Honey’s Quilt Notions & Fabric"!

As a husband and wife team, working side by side, we hope to inspire others to discover the joy of quilting. Our goal is to provide high quality quilting fabric and the essential notions needed to complete quilts and quilting projects of all sizes. We hope we can help in your continued love of quilting.

 “Honey” & Jeff